Newcrest is a specialist in developing a mixture of commercial property serving new and existing residential communities. It creates attractive community hubs for people to live and work in, while building an environment that generates commercial success for its occupiers and adds value to the community, landowners and investors alike. Typically, these hubs are anchored by a food store, and often include a range of other local shops and social amenities, including medical centres, children’s nurseries and public houses.

The management team is highly experienced in creating these neighbourhood and district centres, and draws on an innovative skill set and a profound experience of the relevant sectors involved. The team is widely respected by its partners, landowners, occupiers and various local bodies; Newcrest continues to build on this success and remains committed to creating vibrant places which are valuable to those who live and work in them.

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Newcrest aims to engage in the masterplanning of a community as early as possible, to ensure that the commercial centre is located in the most appropriate place, and is sized and arranged in line with the prevailing and future aspirations of occupiers and residents.

Early engagement in the masterplanning process tends to make the detailed planning processes smoother: the expectations of all stakeholders can be managed through clear strategy. Where planning is more advanced, we often add value by thoughtfully developing configurations within existing planning consents, in order to satisfy current occupational trends and requirements.

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There are numerous stakeholders seeking value from this type of development, including landowners, local authorities, residents, occupiers and investors. Balancing these aspirations is critical to the development of a sustainable and desirable centre where residents are happy to work, shop and dwell. Local bodies need to satisfy their plans and service their community, and the occupiers and landowners need to profit from their business activities.  Newcrest has successfully achieved this balancing exercise in the past and it continues to be one of the team’s key objectives.

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The design and construction of buildings and their urban surroundings are fundamental; the quality and durability of the spaces created by Newcrest are not only cost efficient to occupy but are desirable places to shop, work and take some leisure time.

Newcrest only partners with leading contractors who not only share our ethos about the quality of design and production but also have the correct track record to efficiently deliver schemes, large or small.

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We are currently developing a number of communities across the country. Take a look at our plans and progress.

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